If you are looking for flight training to get your own aviation career started we can help you with that. At our company-owned hangar and headquarters at the Gimli Airport, we conduct flight training operations using Cessna aircraft and also make use of a flight simulator to prepare students for their lesson plans.

Our facilities are simple and modest but we have all we need to organize flight operations and provide excellent training conditions: a quiet environment with bright and warm meeting rooms set up with tables, chairs, and whiteboards. Free access to computers and printers, Internet Wifi, manuals, books and plenty of training material.

Our aircraft are maintained in accordance with all applicable standards of airworthiness and regulations. Meticulous attention is given to any sign of hazards because your safety is our number one priority. Our pilots and flight instructors are very experienced and will give you all the attention to make sure your flight experience will be pleasant and memorable.

The Gimli Airport has a 6800-foot long runway which gives fantastic and safe experience for new students, and is ideally located close to suitable training areas. With our competitive rates on aircraft rental, the result is that you will save money on getting your pilot licenses.

Lakeside Flight School offers training for private through commercial licenses, and students can train for ratings such as instrument, night, multi-engine, instructor, and even float endorsements. A Piper Stinson is used for the float endorsement, and speedy Beech 95 Travelair multi-engine aircraft is used for multi engine instrument rating training.

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“There is no sport equal to that which aviators enjoy while being carried through the air on great white wings.”

Our Mission

The quality of our graduates is paramount to us. Our mission is to produce highly proficient pilots in a cost effective manner. Many of these pilots will be highly sought after as professionals in airline, corporate, and missionary aviation career fields. Others will be highly competent private pilots. We provide a proven, structured educational curriculum which requires multiple skill evaluations at various points in training, given by experienced teachers, as a centerpiece of our pilot training process. We will not settle for hit or miss fact dissemination and mere accumulation of required flight hours. Pilot proficiency is our goal.

Our mission is driven by our values: professionalism, responsibility, integrity, quality, safety and courtesy. We believe these core values are key to strengthening the personal character of our students as they prepare for an occupation in aviation. Our vision is clear. We will produce highly sought after career pilots and greatly esteemed private pilots.


Our Vision

We aspire to be a premier training organisation, known and recognised nationally and internationally for excellence in aviation training.