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We are here to assist you as you prepare your application with your proof of English language proficiency. International applicants should apply at least four months prior to the program start date to ensure there is sufficient time to obtain a study permit/student visa.

Admission Requirements

  1.  50% in Grade 12 or equivalent from any background

  2. English Proficiency Requirement:
    • All international student must have to attend Lakeside Flight School by Interlake Aviation’s internal English proficiency test. This test designed as per the Transport Canada Aviation Proficiency Exam requirements. Student must have to get minimum level 4 in the exam. The exam will be conducted in video conference with Chief Flight Instructor. Moreover, if a student has IELTS or equivalent they are also required to take for the exam.
    • If the student does not match the requirement for English Language Proficiency, Lakeside Flight School offers ESL program. The program duration is 8 week. To learn more email:


How to Apply

  1. We encourage applicants to apply at least four months prior the program start date to ensure to obtain a study permit/student visa and secure a seat. 

  2. The application must be received before the deadline.

  3. Complete the online student application form.

  4. Pay $300 Application fee (NON-REFUNDABLE).

  5. You will receive your LOA once we have receive the payment stated on the confirmation letter (Normally the first year tuition fees).

  6. If it has been more than one year since you first applied to Lakeside Flight School, you must complete a new online application form and pay the application fee.


Accept your offer

Once we have received the payment stated on your Confirmation Letter you will receive an email with an official Letter of Acceptance (Needed for study permit/student visa application). Please note, all letters of acceptance and receipts are emailed as PDF documents.

If your offer is expired, you’ll have to contact Lakeside Flight School by Interlake Aviation International Admissions to find out if there are still seats available in the program. If we don’t have room in the program, ask to be placed on the next term.


Apply for Study Permit/Visa

Once you receive the official LOA letter, you may apply for a student permit/student visa from the Canadian Embassy or consulate. Some countries require a student permit and a visa. View additional information on study permits in Canada.

Note: the application process could take between two to four months

As soon as you receive your study permit/student visa, you need to contact us immediately, remember to include your name, program and a copy of your study permit approval in your email. If you are experiencing delays with your study permit, it is very important to email us and let us know.

Note that, you will be eligible for advanced tuition fee refund, if your study permit application is refused. Please check the refund policy. Please also note that there will be handling charge which includes Admission fee of $CAD 500.00 NRF (Non-Refundable Fee) and $ CAD 700.00 NRF (Non-Refundable Administrative fee) on your advance tuition fee refund.

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