Commercial Pilot Program

Course Fee 

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) 

Start your career as a professional pilot

CPL Prerequisites

  • 18 years old

  • A medical certificate category 1 by a civil aviation medical examiners

  • To do your medical click here.

CPL Privilege

  • Fly for hire and reward in a single engine Canadian registered aircraft

  • Fly in good weather conditions

  • Add any possible ratings to your license to extend your opportunities

The Commercial Pilot License is the minimum level to be paid as a pilot. You must have a Private Pilot License to start your training. Professional pilots in Canada often start their career on small airplanes.  Depending on your career choice, you will have to add different ratings to your license. If you want to become a bush pilot, a float rating is a must have. If you prefer going to the airlines, you will need a multi IFR rating to become a First Officer on a twin-engine airplane.

CPL Requirements

  • Ground School:
    80 hour CPL ground school
    (self-study or in a classroom)

  • Additional Experience

    200 hours total time are needed including     
    - 100 hours Pilot In Command and 20 hours of cross country

  • Flight training time
    65 hours total time including 
     - 30 hours solo
            (including 25 hours of general flying, 5 hours of night flying and a cross country of 300NM)                         
     - 35 hours dual
            (including 20 hours of instrument time, 5 hours of night flying and 5 hours of cross country)   
      - Written test (60% pass mark): i) Air Law ii) Navigation iii) Meteorology iv) Aeronautics General knowledge
      - Flight test

All your previous experience will count. 

Some solo time building will be required to achieve Transport Canada’s minimum experience.

Cost Breakdown


**The costs laid out in this information package are based on the minimum requirements set out by Transport Canada. The average individual may not complete the chosen license or rating in the minimum time required. Some factors that affect the cost of this course include an individual's ability as well as the frequency of the lessons.