Multi-engine Rating

Course Fee 

What is Multi-engine Ratings?

A multi-engine rating is just that: a certificate that allows pilots to operate an aircraft with more than one engine. It is an add-on to an already existing commercial, private, or ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) license or certificate. Multi-engine ratings are exciting because they allow pilots to have a different experience in the air: aircraft performance is highly improved, as well as an increase in speed, power, and climbing rate.

Once you have acquired your private certificate, you may ask yourself if you can get your multi engine rating now.

Multi-engine Ratings

Allow the pilot to fly any aircraft that has more than one engine.



  • The candidate must hold a private pilot license


  • Must be proficient to pass the flight test.

  • There is no minimum time.

  • No written test

  • Normal pre and post-flight briefings are included with the lessons  


Training is at the student's pace and convenience. The course will take 4 to 7 days full time. 

Cost Breakdown


**The costs laid out in this information package are based on the minimum requirements set out by Transport Canada. The average individual may not complete the chosen license or rating in the minimum time required. Some factors that affect the cost of this course include an individual's ability as well as the frequency of the lessons.