Private Pilot Program

Course Fee 

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Fly for the fun. Fly any Canadian registered airplane anywhere in the world.


PPL Prerequisites

  • 17 years old

  • A medical certificate category 1 or 3 delivered by a civil aviation medical examiners.

  • To do your medical click here.

PPL Privilege

  • Fly for fun in a Canadian registered aircraft

  • Fly by day, anywhere in the world, with multiple passengers

  • Add any possible ratings to your license

The Private Pilot Permit is often the first step toward either a career in aviation or having a lot of fun taking up friends and family in a small airplane. ​

To expand your horizon and improve your skills, you can add many ratings on your PPL: For example, a float plane rating, a night rating or even an instrument rating if you want to travel further away in poor weather conditions. If you want to double the fun, a multi-engine rating is also possible on a PPL!​

PPL Requirements

  • Ground School:
    40 hour PPL ground school
    (self-study or in a classroom)


  • Flight training time:
      45 hours total time including:
        - 12 hours solo  
          (including 5 hours of cross country)
        - 17 hours dual
           (including 3 hours of dual cross country and 5 hours of the instrument) 

  • Written test (60% pass mark): i) Air Law ii) Navigation iii) Meteorology iv) Aeronautics General knowledge

  • Flight test

****Those requirements are the minimums set by transport Canada to pass the flight test. On average, students need around 50-60 hours total time to be ready.*****

Cost Breakdown


**The costs laid out in this information package are based on the minimum requirements set out by Transport Canada. The average individual may not complete the chosen license or rating in the minimum time required. Some factors that affect the cost of this course include an individual's ability as well as the frequency of the lessons.