VFR Over The Top Rating

VFR Over The Top Rating

The VFR Over the Top (OTT) rating allows a Private Pilot to fly above a solid layer of clouds in visual Meteorological conditions when visual reference to the ground is unavailable.

The VFR OTT program is separated into two related paths: ground instruction and in-flight training. While there are no written or in-flight Transport Canada examinations, we will furnish you with the required background knowledge, skill, and understanding to successfully meet all company and Transport Canada requirements for the rating. 


The candidate must hold a private pilot license

A pilot who holds a commercial license or instrument rating can receive VFR OTT privileges automatically.


  • The minimum age of seventeen (17) years old is required for a VFR OTT Rating.

  • Must have a Category 1 or 3 medical certificate.

A minimum of 15 hours of instrument training. Instrument hours from PPL and Night Rating may be included. 5 of this hour can be on a simulator. Ground training consists of all pertinent air regulations airspace, weather, instrument flying techniques, and the use of radio nav aids. ADF, VOR, and GPS will be covered. 

Although there is no practical written test, the candidate must meet the skill requirements.


Training is at the student's pace and convenience. When possible, training will be scheduled under actual conditions.

Cost Breakdown


**The costs laid out in this information package are based on the minimum requirements set out by Transport Canada. The average individual may not complete the chosen license or rating in the minimum time required. Some factors that affect the cost of this course include an individual's ability as well as the frequency of the lessons.

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